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box size:26*17.5*37/1.97KG


 Incubator Operation Instruction

   Unpack the box and check the incubator, check whether all of the accessories inside of the packing box are well-equipped. See packing list for details.
    Note: when ambient temperature is less than 25℃, measure shall be taken for heat preservation, it’s good for temperature uniformity when the device is enclosed with clothes or other warms, and it also helps energy-saving and reduces heat dissipation. Use thermometer to correct temperature display before use, CA parameter can be adjusted.
The incubator can be put into running after 2-hour trial run.
II. Operating Steps:
1. Push the mesh with rail (big mesh) (fig. 1) into the incubator.
2. Put the movable egg tray (fig.2) on the mesh with rail, please do put it within the rail.
3.   Put the egg tray grille (fig.3) into movable egg tray according to size of egg for incubation.
4.Put the hatching egg into movable egg tray (fig. 5) for incubation, pay attention that after each egg is put into the grille, there should be 5mm clearance at least for convenient turning of hatching egg, inject 100ml water into the base after the hatching egg is put, check once for every two days so that the incubator is not short of water. Every water injection shall not be more than 100ml, take down the date of placing hatching egg so as to well control the hatching time. It’s best to place the incubator on 60-100CM table for convenient insertion of link rod.  
5. When closing the cover (fig. 7), the link rod must insert the shifting slot of movable egg tray, so that the egg tray can shift normally.
6. Switch on the power supply after closing the cover, and set the temperature according to Push-Button Instruction and Incubation Technology.
If the user has no time to care about the temperature, the temperature can be set at 38from the first day of incubation to first day of hatching, and it can be set as 37.5 -37.8 since the following day of hatching.
7. It moves to hatching tray 3 days earlier than incubation period for other poultry
8.  It usually takes 3-4 days less than the number of incubation days for egg tray replacement, replace the egg tray once one or two hatching eggs are seen hatched, take all of the hatching eggs off from the incubator firstly, then take the movable egg tray and mesh with rail out, check the water level, then put the hatching mesh (fig. 10) and egg tray in and put the hatching egg on the egg tray, shown as fig. 11.
9.  After closing the cover and switching on the power supply, the hatching situation can be observed.
III. Important for Safety
1. Only the power supply marked on the incubator can be used, 220-240v;
2.Don’t put any goods on the wire, the power line of incubator shall be placed where it won’t be stepped on or make people trip and fall;
3. Make sure that the socket and extension line in use have no overload, otherwise, it may cause fire or electric shock;
4. If the incubator is smoking, or sending abnormal smell or unusual noise, please cut off the power supply and pull down the power line to stop the fault, after that, contact the agency or maintenance center;
5. Please don’t touch the power line with wet hand, or it may cause electric shock;
6. This incubator can’t be exposed to rain and sunshine;
7. Make sure that the power supply is switched off before cleaning the incubator;
8. The incubator shall be placed in room where is ventilated without vibratory equipment, it can’t be placed in room with fast
air movement or room with harmful and noxious chemicals and other pollutants.
9. Don’t block the air-bleed hole when the incubator is in work condition.
IVPush-button Instruction:
1. SET:
A: Push SET once to enter temperature control set, push <+> or <-> to adjust parameter, push<+>or <-> for 3s to enter fast adjustment mode, push SET again to exit from setting state.
B: Push SET for 3s to enter system menu set, push <+> or <-> to select menu in need of adjustment, then push SET again to enter relative parameter setting state, push <+> or <-> to adjust parameter in need of modification, push RST to exit after adjustment, or the system will exits after 5s delay.
2.<+>:Up button
3.<->: Down button
Operation Instruction:
Indicating lamp state instruction:
WORK lamp on the left side of display screen is made as work indicating lamp, LED normally on means it’s in heating state.
SET lamp on the left side of display screen is used for indicating lamp set, LED normally on means it’s in setting state.
Function instruction:
Parameter HU and HD is set by factory, the user unless the professional is not allowed to adjust it.
◆Temperature correction set:
When measuring temperature deviates from reference temperature, temperature correction <CA> function shall be used to make the measuring value in accordance with reference temperature, temperature after correction shall be the sum of temperature before correction and correction value (correction value can be positive number, negative number or zero).
◆Temperature correction set:
Push “SET” for 3s to enter menu display, push <+> or <-> until code “CA” appears on screen, then push “SET” to display temperature correction setting value, push <+> or <-> again to adjust parameter.
◆Upper and lower limit function:
HS and LS set limits setting range of temperature control, e.g., if HS is set as 39.5 and LS is set as 30, then the temperature can only be set from 30 to 39.5, so the display value still keeps as 30 after pushing “-” if it displays 30; the display value still keeps as 39.5 after pushing “+” if it displays 39.5. If setting value is beyond the setting range, then HS and LS must be changed at first.
     Upper and lower limit set:
Push “SET” for 3s to enter menu display, push <+> or <-> until code “HS” or “LS” appears on screen, push “SET” to display upper or lower limit setting value, then push <+> or <-> to adjust the parameter. HS means upper limit and LS means lower limit.

Setting range
Factory set
Heating power parameter
Heat preservation power parameter
Lower limit set
Upper limit set
Temperature correction
Factory set, not adjustable
Factory set, not adjustable

V. Incubation Technology
1. Incubation temperature control
Different poultry requires different temperatures: incubation period of chicken is 21 days, it’s 38.2 from 1st~6th day, 38 from 7th~14th day, 37.8 on 15th day, and 37.2~37.5℃ from 16th~21st day.
2.Humidity control: It requires different relative humidity in different period of incubation. The relative humidity shall keep within 55%~60% at the earlier stage of incubation to ensure even heating for embryo, which is good for formation of allantoic fluid and amniotic fluid, the relative humidity shall keep within 30%~55% at the middle stage of incubation, which is good for evaporation of water, the relative humidity at the last stage of incubation shall be increased to 65%~75%, as high relative humidity is good for poult to hatch, when above 20% of poult hatches, the relative humidity shall keep at 75%~85%.
3. Cleaning and sterilization before incubation: wash and clean the incubator, then suffumigate it with potassium permanganate and formalin.
4. Incubation equipment inspection before incubation: check all of the parts completely and observe whether the fan rotation device works normally and whether all of the components are in good condition, then adjust the temperature and feed water to the tank. Make a 12-24 hours’ trial again when the incubator reaches temperature and humidity requirement, if the incubator works normally, it can be put into running.
5.Choose and store fresh egg within 5 days (7 days at most) as hatching egg, as for the egg stored for more than 5 days, 4% less the incubation rate and 30 minutes prolonged incubation period for one more day storage. The proper temperature for hatching egg storage is 12~16℃.The smaller side shall be put upside during hatching egg storage.
6. Notes for off-tray period: The process to remove from egg tray to hatching tray is called off-tray,  the chick embryo usually removes off the tray at an age of 18-19 days. It shall be placed gently during off-tray, it’s best to lay to single layer. It also removes to hatching tray 3 days earlier than incubation period for other poultry.                                         
 Poultry Incubation Parameter

Number of days
Incubation period
Hatching period
Hatching egg weight
Local chicken